Goan Community of Oman

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ISC Goan Wing is affiliated to the Indian Social Club, which is the forum recognized by Oman's Ministry of Social Affairs for all social and cultural activities pertaining to the Indian community in Oman. As a Wing of the Indian Social Club, Goans in Oman have an identity to officially carry out their community activities in a secular and democratic manner.

The ISC Goan Wing shall:

  • Facilitate Goans in Oman to meet each other and promote fellowship amongst them.
  • Represent the interest of Goans in Oman before offical bodies and find solutions to common problems.
  • Participate in activities of the ISC parent body and its linguistic wings which are organized for the Indian community at large.
  • Help fellow Goans during times of need and collectively help Indians during times of calamity.
  • Promote Konkani and Goan culture especially amongst Goan youth.
  • Publicize Goa as a tourist destination.
  • Strive for the long needed direct Muscat-Goa flight.
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