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One of the main reasons for forming the Indian Social Club - Goan Wing is to reach out to fellow Goans during times of need. The Helpline Sub-committee therefore encourages Goans in Oman to notify us of any major personal problem they are unable to cope with. Although we do not guarantee that we can provide a solution in every case, we shall try our best to lend a helping hand wherever possible.

Through effective networking, Helpline commits on offering Goans the following forms of assistance: emotional support, counseling, medical guidance, career advice. Depending on your request, if we come to know of suitable job openings, we will keep you informed. Further, through the various cultural events which we intend to organize over time, we hope to raise sufficient funds to provide financial help in crisis situations. So please feel free to contact the undersigned if you feel that the ISC-GW could be of help. We assure you that we will maintain discretion and confidentiality appropriate to your situation.

The form and quantum of support that we can extend will depend on the resources that we are able to mobilize in terms of voluntary personnel, ideas and funds. So I appeal to social-service minded and resourceful Goans in Oman to contact us and tell us about what you can do to assist fellow Goans. We also encourage eminent and well placed Goans to sponsor ISC-GW events and donate to our Helpline fund.

Anthony Lourence,
Coordinator, Helpline.

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