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The Goan Community of Oman (GCO) website collects some basic information from you (the user) when you join our community. Only part of that information is open to other members who might choose to contact you. We restrict non-members from contacting you by using a login mechanism. The information itself does not contain any mailing address, so you will not be getting any junk mail from other third parties. GCO will not offer any information about you to any third party unless we receive your prior consent. We value your privacy and we pledge to keep it.


Upon your first visit to the GCO website, a "cookie" will be placed to your computer. This small piece of harmless data is used to identify your computer so certain preferences and settings can be recalled upon subsequent visits. In the future, this cookie may be used to collect information about visitor behavior, including number of stories read, the kinds of stories read, etc. Cookies are not currently used to collect this type of data.

Personal information
The GCO website collects personal information only when specifically submitted by a user. Examples of when this information may be collected include:

    * Registering to leave feedback on stories.
    * Placing a classified advertisement.
    * Making an online donation.

Changes to this policy
Occasionally, The GCO may adjust this privacy policy. In that event, changes will be added to this page immediately.

If you have questions or concerns, please contact us.
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