Goan Community of Oman

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The Indian Social Club is a non-profit organisation registered under The Ministry of Social Development. It caters to the social, cultural and sporting needs of the Indian diaspora in general.

India is diverse in its culture, language, dialect and character. To accommodate this diversity and sustain its renowned unity, the club formed wings of different languages under its umbrella. This unique experiment succeeded beyond imagination and ensured all communities celebrated events indigenous to their area of domicile and language. Seventeen such wings were created over the years and function very successfully. The newest one launched is the Goan wing and I am proud to welcome them into the family of the Indian Social Club.

Goans are a vibrant and fun loving community having their own distinct character. The Goans in Oman are no different and I am excited that they have now decided to register themselves to function within the ambit of The Indian Social Club.

While welcoming them once again, I wish the convener, the committee members and the general members of the Goan Wing all success in their endeavours and look forward to their active participation in the Indian Social Club.



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