Goan Community of Oman

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NAME: The name of the linguistic wing will be the INDIAN SOCIAL CLUB ………… wing,  Muscat, Sultanate of Oman.

MOTTO & AIMS: The objectives of the wing shall be to meet the social, cultural and sporting needs of the Limited Ordinary members residing in the Sultanate of Oman.

The wings will follow all the rules laid down by the Indian Social Club management committee & the directors of their Articles of Association.

These bye laws are to ensure the smooth operations of the linguistic wings of ISC under the parameters laid down for their functioning.

i. To form a linguistic wing a minimum of 50 members should register showing preference to that language.
ii. The membership for limited ordinary members shall be open to all citizens of India above the age of 18 years who should be a resident of the Sultanate of Oman.
iii. A member should:
a. Be of good character.
b. Be able to conduct himself with decorum and dignity.
c. Shall undertake in writing to respect the club charter and regulations and its bye laws and shall abide by it.
d. Shall not be of a diplomatic mission.
e. The membership will be granted to such a person who is conversant with the language of that wing.

i. All members of the linguistic wing will be considered as limited ordinary members of the ISC and will have rights only to activities of that wing.
ii. LIMITED ORDINARY MEMBERSHIP (LOM) will have limited rights and they will pay the fees as stipulated by the ISC and any additional fee charged by the wing. This membership would be for one year.
iii. A limited ordinary member is entitled to participate in programmes or events conducted for the wing that he or she has subscribed for.  In no way he / she will be entitled to use any facilities of the ISC or have the right to any other programme organized by the ISC.
iv. The LOM shall have no voting rights at the AGM of the ISC, but is eligible to vote for the elections of the wing.
v. A life or an ordinary member of the ISC can join any linguistic wing by paying only the activity fee as stipulated by the wing. He / she can join more then one wing.
vi. An individual can be a member of any wing by paying the prescribed LOM fee of the ISC and the activity fee as stipulated by the wing. If he / she desires to be a member for more than one wing he / she has to pay additional LOM fee plus the activity fee as stipulated by every extra wing he / she joins.

i. Application for memberships will be submitted to the convenor of the wing in a specified form stating which wing he or she would like to be a member of.
ii. All application forms shall be assessed by the committee of the wing and finally by the ISC.

i. The convenor shall invite all applicants for an interview.  Such an interview would be conducted by a Committee appointed every term from among the members of the Committee of the wing.  Interview will be on a special day fixed by the Committee and will be held within four weeks of the completed application being received.
ii. Subsequent to the interview, the interviewing Committee will forward the approved applications for endorsement by the Committee of the wing in the next Committee meeting, who will decide upon the membership by a 50% majority of the members present.
iii. The decision will be conveyed to the applicant within one week of the matter being decided.
iv. In case the application is refused it will be forwarded to the Managing Committee of the ISC with the reason for refusal. The Management Committee of the ISC will then opine.  The decision of the Managing Committee of the ISC on this will be final.  

i. There shall be a register in which all application for membership, whether approved or not will be registered and numbered.
ii. The convenor of the wing will submit the list of membership to the ISC latest by 1st March every year.  Subsequently update the list every month & submit the same to ISC by 7th of every month.

REAPPLICATION FOR MEMBERSHIP: Any applicant whose application for membership has not been accepted is entitled to apply again after one year of the date of his first application.

SUBSCRIPTION: The Annual subscription will be for the  period  commencing 1st January each year and upto last date of December for the same calendar year.

The subscription for Limited Ordinary Membership to the ISC is RO. 10 for family and RO. 8/- for bachelor per year plus an activity fee charged by the wing of RO.1/- p.m. if membership is commenced during the course of the year (both for family & Bachelor).  Maximum of RO.10/-. Both the rates are subject to change as per article 12.

REVISION OF SUBSCRIPTION RATES: The Management Committee of the ISC has the powers to revise the above  subscription rates.  However, such revision can be carried out only once in a Committee's terms and minimum of six members of the Committee forming majority should be in favour of such a revision.

i. Spouses and dependent children (upto the age of 18) of family status member will be entitled to enjoy the facilities of the wing subscribed for. They shall pay all sectional fees as applicable
ii. Only one adult member from each wing member's family is eligible to contest for the election of the Committee of the Linguistic Wing
iii. Only one adult member from each wing member's family is eligible to vote at the AGM of the Wing and for the election of the office bearers

NON PAYMENT OF DUES: If a member does not pay his/her subscription or any other dues owed to the club for a period of two months after the due date,  he / she shall cease to be a member. A final notice may be served eight days prior to two month's grace period in writing.

MEMBERS ACCEPTANCE OF RULES: Application for a membership on payment subscription shall constitute acknowledgment on the part of the member to be bound by the rules, regulations and bye-laws of the Wing.

CESSATION OF RIGHTS: Membership shall deem to cease on the following cases
i. If any of the membership terms have willfully not been followed
ii. In the event of death.
iii. In the event  of resignation
iv. Expiry of his resident visa at the Sultanate of Oman
v. Termination – This can be on the following cases:-
a. If he / she has done something that may harm the ISC or the wing
b. If he / she takes advantage of being a member for his own benefit.
c. If he / she fails to pay the participation fees on the due date.
d. If he / she fails to follow the prescribed Article of Association of the wings.
RETURN OF MEMBERSHIP: Membership may be returned to the member whose membership has been terminated due to non payment of participation fees if he / she pays the due amount with the re-admission charges the next year.  

Members duties and rights shall be as per the following:
i. To attend ordinary and extra ordinary meetings of the wing.
ii. To submit nominations for participation in the Committee of the linguistic wing.
iii. To participate in all activities of the linguistic wing as per their capacities and abilities.
iv. To abide by the rules and internal regulations.
v. To abide by the decisions of the Annual General Body Meeting and the decisions of the Management Committee of the ISC and the Committee of the linguistic wing.
vi. To settle their annual fees as determined by the Articles of Association of the ISC.
vii. To function in the general interest of the wing and not to harm the smooth functioning of the wing.
viii. To vote at the AGM and its deliberatinos and for the election of the office bearers.

LOSS OF RIGHTS: A member who has resigned or has been terminated shall immediately cease to have any right or claim upon, the wing or their properties including any donations that he / she had already paid and his membership fees.


COMMITTEE OF THE LINGUISTIC WINGS: The Linguistic wings will be managed by a Committee consisting of 9 members who will be elected by the members of the linguistic wing at their AGM and the tenure of each Committee members would be for a period of 24 months.  Those whose tenure has been completed can be re-elected.

The elected Committee shall elect a:
Jt. Treasurer
Sports Secretary
Entertainment Secretary
Cultural Secretary
Children’s wing Secretary
Lady Co-ordinator

The election of these office bearers will be from the elected 9 and by a simple majority.
It is mandatory for the Convenor, Co-convenor and Treasurer to become ordinary members of the ISC within 30 days of being elected.

i. Out of 9 elected members at least one should be a lady.
ii. The Committee shall hold office for a period of two years.  2 years limitation is applicable to wings, which have completed 2 years of existence.
iii. The Committee shall meet at least once a month to administer the affairs of the Linguistic wings.     
iv. Special meetings may be convened by the Convenor as and when required or on requisition by at least six members of the Committee.
v. A member can contest in the election and become an uninterrupted Committee member only after being a member of the Linguistic wing for a minimum period of two years prior to the said Election. The cut-off date for 2 years membership is 28th February of the election year       
vi. Not less than 6 members form a quorum for a Committee meeting.
vii. In case of a vacancy, the election results will be considered and the candidate next in the number of votes polled will be included in the Committee.  If the election was unanimous then the vacany will be filled by co-option of a new member.
viii. Any decision taken by the Committee shall be binding on all members of the wing.
ix. If a Committee member does not attend at least 50% of the total meetings held during the tenure of his or her membership, he or she will be debarred from contesting the elections for Committee the following year.
x. The newly elected Committee will convene its meeting within 15 days of the date of the election and elect their office bearers.
xi. The Convenor of the outgoing Committee will arrange a joint meeting between the members of the incoming and outgoing Committees and arrange to hand over the charge within 15 days of the date of election.
xii. All decisions by the Management Committee will be implemented by a majority of votes.  In case of a tie, the casting vote would remain with the convenor.
xiii. All minutes of the meeting of the Committee will be recorded in a special register and will be signed by the Convenor and Co-convenor.  A copy of the same will be sent to the ISC within 72 hours of the meeting.
xiv. The observer of the ISC should be invited for all the committee meetings in writing at least 3 days prior to the meeting with a copy to ISC.

i. Members of the Committee shall manage all the affairs of the Linguistic wing. Their responsibilities shall broadly be as follows:-
a. Managing the affairs of the Linguistic wing from the technical, financial and the administrative points of view.
b. Execution of the decisions of the ordinary meeting of their Committee.
c. Accepting new memberships and taking decisions on resignation of members.
d. Considering and perusing the violations of the Articles of Association by members and taking necessary disciplinary action.
e. Calling for ordinary and extra ordinary general body meetings to be held in due time.
f.  Preparation of the balance sheet for the year and budgetary reviews during the course of the year and presenting it to the Indian Social Club for consodilation and at the annual general body meeting of the wing with the Treasurer’s report.
g. Abiding by all the instructions of Indian Social Club.
ii. One or all members of the Committee of the Linguistic Wing can be dismissed by the Managing Committee of the Indian Social Club if they feel there is particular reason to do so and this can be done by a simple majority in the Management Committee of the ISC
iii. Activities of all or any Linguistic wings may be stopped by the ISC Managing Committee on a temperory or permanent basis at any given time.

i. The Convenor shall be the `Executive Official’ of the Linguistic Committee.
a. He shall attend to all routine correspondence and have authority over the Wing for the smooth and efficient organization of day to day affairs
b. He shall be responsible for implementing the decisions of the Committee
c. He shall arrange meetings, keep the minutes of the meetings and maintain an inventory of the assets of their wing
d. He shall place before the Committee a financial statement prepared by the Treasurer every quarter embodying the transactions of the previous quarter. The quarter shall mean three months ending 31st March, 30th June,  30th September and the last day of December respectively
e. He shall be responsible for the purchases made on behalf of the wing as per the directives of the Committee and will ensure that all such purchases have the prior approval of the Linguistic Committee
ii. The Convenor of the Linguistic Committee will preside over the General Body meeting of their wing and have the right of a casting vote.
iii. He will also preside on the meetings of the Linguistic Wing Committee
iv. He will represent the wing as an when required in all areas of interaction with the Management Committee of the ISC
v. He will approve the agenda of the meeting of their Committee
vi. He will sign jointly with the Co-convenor on the minutes of the meetings of the Linguistic Wing Committee
vii. He shall supervise the administration of the Wing and will issue administrative decisions pertaining to his wing
viii. He will sign payment vouchers jointly with the Treasurer and the Co-convenor as stipulated by     the articles of association
ix. He will place before the Committee the agenda of its meeting for deliberations and he / she will be responsible for inviting the members for the meetings
x. He shall maintain the minutes of the meeting and present it to the members of the Committee during the next meeting for approval
xi. He will be responsible for the agenda and calling for the annual general body meeting.
xii. He shall be responsible for filing and registering all the minutes of the annual general body meetings and other ordinary body meetings during his tenure.
xiii. He will be responsible for the register carrying the names of the members of the general body and their addresses.
xiv. He will be responsible for preparing the annual report of the activities of the wing each year for his two years tenure.
xv. He will be responsible for all correspondence received and for the replies to be sent to them after showing them to the ISC representatives
xvi. He will be responsible for receiving applications of new members, their interviews and submission to the members of the Committee for approval.
xvii. He will obtain prior permission from ISC through its representatives for all programmes.

i. The Co-convenor will have all the responsibilities of the Convenor in the absence of the Convenor and the Linguistic Wing Committee will have the right to authorize him to act on administrative and finance matters.
ii. In the event of the Convenor’s office falling vacant, the Co-convenor shall automatically become the acting convenor with the full authority  of the Convenor until such time as a new Convenor can be co-opted / elected by the Committee.
iii. The Linguistic Wing committee shall co-opt / elect a new Convenor in the above eventuality at the earliest possible date, but not later than two months from the date of  the Convenor’s office falling vacant.

i. The Treasurer shall be responsible for all receipts and disbursements and for the maintenance of a correct financial record of the affairs of the club. He / she shall provide all relevant details when requested by the Convenor or the members of the Committee or by the Treasurer of ISC. He / she shall further be responsible for the preparation of the budget for the approval  of the Committee and for ensuring subsequently that the expenditure is kept within the limits of the approved budget.  In cases of deviation from the budget, he / she shall bring the same to notice of the Committee
ii. He shall be responsible for supervision of all sources of wing income and for issuing receipts for the said income.
iii. He shall be responsible for deposit of the income received in the bank and for supervision of all income and expenses in the ledgers
iv. He shall be responsible for supervision of the annual inventory
v.  The Treasurer shall not disburse any sum of money without the authorization of the Committee
vi. All receipts including subscriptions shall be remitted promptly into the recpective wing’s bank account of that wing
vii. The Treasurer shall be authorized to keep a sum not exceeding RO: 100/- with him for petty expenditure
viii. The Treasurer will be responsible for the preparation of the Annual Financial Statements and for getting these approved by the Auditors
ix. He shall be responsible for issuing receipts for all sources of income of the Wing.
x. He shall be responsible for signing all payment vouchers.
xi. He will be responsible for execution of all Committee decisions concerning finance.

i. The Linguistic Wing Committee can allocate portfilios as required for the smooth running of the of the Wing
ii. All secretaries in charge of entertainment. cultural affairs and sports, will be responsible to the Convenor for the day-to-day functioning of their department and for the income and expenditure of their respective departments
iii. All circulars and correspondence to limited ordinary members would be through ISC committee only and will be signed by the Convenor or Co-convenor and the ISC representatives appointed for the Wing
iv. No press releases or any other publicity would be made without a formal approval from the Managing Committee of the ISC.
v. No programme will be permitted to be performed without the prior approval of the ISC.
vi. No religious programmes or political talks what so ever will be conducted by the linguistic Wings.

VACANT POSTS: Any positions falling vacant will be filled by election amongst the members of the Committee as soon as possible but within two months of the position falling vacant.

i. The Auditors will be independent of the Committee and will be directly responsible to the General Body. They will be elected by the General body at its annual meeting every year.
ii. They shall prepare an audit report for the Financial Year and present it to the General Body.
iii. The audited report must be submitted to the ISC not later than 28th Februrary  of the   subsequent year.
iv. In the event the report is not submitted on time, the ISC management committee will audit the accounts through their auditor & cost of same to be recovered from the respective wings. If in any case the auditor finds sufficient information is not provided by the wing, ISC will take appropriate action.

Convenorship or membership of the Committee will end due to one of the following cases:
a. Expiry of the Committee’s tenure
b. Death of the member
c. Resignation of the member
d. Non attendance of three continuous meetings without an acceptable excuse, the remaining members of the Committee could decide on the same.
e. If a member does not follow the articles of association or other membership terms and conditions.

DISCIPLINARY ACTION: Any  member  who is  guilty of unseemly  conduct  on the  premises of the club or of gross deliberate breach of any rules and by-laws may be asked to leave the premises by the Convenor or, in his absence by any member of the Committee.  The Convenor shall immediately write to the concerned member pointing out the alleged misbehavior on his part and call for written explanation.  He / she may also ask the concerned member to appear personally before the Committee.  If the Committee upon careful consideration of the case decides that the concerned member is guilty, it can impose an appropriate punitive measure such as a reprimand, suspension of membership for upto three months or, in case of  grievous misconduct,  cancellation of membership, this action has to be ratified by the ISC Management Committee through its representatives. In case the membership is canceled for disciplinary reasons, the concerned person can appeal to the General Body at the next Annual meeting, through the Presiding Officer.

Membership fees will not be refunded to any member suspended or expelled for disciplinary reasons.

i. An ordinary general body meeting will consist of all the members who pay the subscription fees before the stipulated deadline and has been registered with the ISC and has subscribed to all the conditions of the annual general body meeting.
ii. The Annual General Body Meeting shall be held by 31st March each year to adopt the Annual Report and the Annual Financial statements of the wing for the previous year.  The Auditors will also be elected during the meeting.  The Committee will be elected once in two years at this meeting.
iii. Specifically the following business will be dealt with:-
a. Reading of the notice calling the meeting
b. Opening address by the Chair.
c. Approval of the minutes of the previous meeting
d. Convenor’s report
e. Discussion and approval of the audited accounts of presiding year.
f. Election of Committee members (once in two years).
g. To transact any other business as mentioned in the circulated agenda.
h. Any other point raised by the members with the permission of the Chair
iv. A notice of one month shall be given to the members prior to the date of the General Body Meeting. This notice will be delivered either personally or by post or email to all the members and a copy will be displayed on the notice board of the club
v. The quorum for the General Body Meeting will be 2/3rd of the members on the roll.
vi. In the absence of the quorum, the Convenor will adjourn the meeting and he / she can reconvene the meeting within two weeks maximum.  No quorum will be required for the reconvened meeting and decisions will be passed by a majority.
vii. The accidental omission to give notice of any meeting or the non receipt of the notice by any member shall not invalidate the proceedings of the meeting
viii. Only members whose dues are cleared by the 28th February, shall have the right to vote or stand for elections.
ix. At the General Body Meeting the election of Committee members shall be by secret   ballot and in accordance with the election procedure unless the Committee had been elected unanimously. The elections will be supervised by a presiding officer/officers nominated by the ISC.
x. Only one member of a family (husband or wife) will be allowed to vote.
xi. Any Committee member may be elected in absentia subject to his consent in writing being submitted to the presiding officer/officers.
xii. The votes exercised must be in person and not by proxy and the number of votes polled must be recorded in the minutes.
xiii. Matters not unanimously agreed upon shall be decided upon by a majority vote and in case of a tie the Convenor shall exercise a casting vote.  Voting will normally be by show of hands unless decided otherwise by the representing presiding officer/officers.
xiv. The Convenor will maintain minutes of the annual general body meeting in a special register and it will be signed by the Convenor and the Co-Convenor.
xv. The Indian Social Club shall be informed two weeks prior to the AGM. A photocopy of the invitation of the AGM, along with a copy of the agenda shall be enclosed and the documents related to the meeting should be sent to the ISC.  Then the ISC will depute representatives to attend the meeting.

i. An extraordinary General Body Meeting will be called to decide on the matters of urgent  nature, either by the Committee or on a  requisition signed by not less than 1/2 of the members and addressed to the Convenor. The Convenor must call such a meeting within 21 days of the receipt of the notice,  but giving at least seven days notice to the members.
ii. The requisition shall state the object of the meeting and the meeting shall not discuss anything beyond the stated agenda.
iii. The quorum for the Extra ordinary General Meeting will be 1/2 of the total general membership.
iv. A photocopy of invitation of the extra ordinary general body meeting along with a copy of the agenda and other documents related to the meeting should be sent to the ISC, a week prior to the meeting.  Then the Club will depute representatives to attend the meeting.

i. The election shall be conducted by the Presiding officer/officers  appointed by the Management Committee of the ISC.  This Presiding officer/officers of the club will handle the administrative details and will be responsible for the general follow up to ensure that the election procedure is followed as per scheduled.
ii. The election process shall go through the following stages over a period of about four weeks :
1. Publication of the voters list: Two weeks before polling
2. Filing of Nominations (draft nomination form enclosed): Two weeks before polling    
3. Scrutiny of Nominations: One and half weeks before polling
4. Withdrawal, if any, by Candidates: One week before polling
5. Publication of the final list of Candidates: One week before polling
6. Polling: On the day of the AGM.
7. Counting of votes and announcement of results: On the day of the AGM.
8. Request for a recount: On the day of the AGM.
9. Recounts, if any: Within three days of polling
Within the above broad guidelines, the Committee, in consultation with the Presiding officer/officers, will decide upon the exact dates.
iii. The ISC representatives will be responsible for scrutiny of all nominations received.


The sources of income for the Wing would be the following:
a. Activity fees as stipulated by themselves.(cannot be collected as donations)
b. The income from parties, exhibitions and carnivals.
c. Donations and gifts accepted with due approval of the Indian Social Club.
d. Sponsorship if solicited can be done in the name of the respective wing only.
10% or RO. 100, whichever is more of the profit generated from programmes conducted by the wing will be paid to the ISC main body as programme fees, Programmes where sponsorship is more than R.O.2500/- will be considered a Mega Proggramme and a separate statement of accounts for the same to be submitted to the ISC management within 30 days of the date of the programme, the rest will be kept in a separate fund to be used at a later stage for that particular group only.  No reimbursement in cash will be allowed.  Any loss incurred would be the sole responsibility of the convenor and the committee of the wing, who will give an undertaking in writing before each programme.

The financial year will commence from the 1st of January and expire at the end of December every year and the first finance year will start from the date of notifying the establishing of the club to end of December of the next year.

All cash should be deposited in the bank and withdrawal should be on the cheques signed by the  authorised signatories  of the ISC.
Vouchers and bills should be attached on all withdrawals and all vouchers should be signed by the Convenor or Co-convenor and the Treasurer.

The money collected is for the use of the activities of the respective wing’s and cannot  be spent on any other than that.

A tear off receipt, available on the application form will be issued to each Limited Ordinary member and a lump sum receipt with names attached to the wing.

The Linguistic sub committee shall deposit all sum received into their designated bank account. The bank accounts will have the same authorised signatories as of the ISC main committee.

The regional groups shall draw a sum of RO. 100/- as cash imprest.  Subsequent reimbursements shall be made on receipt of statement for previous expense. This reimbursement will be drawn from the bank by cheque only.

All linguistic sub-committees are required to submit the following Quarterely financial statements to the ISC.
- Income and Expenditure Account
- Bank movement statement
- Bank statement together with reconciliation.
The responsibility for the maintaining of accounting records, deposit of cash and cheques, preparing statements and control over bank accounts rest with the respective Linguistic committees.

A prior approval of the ISC managing committee is required before a wing acquires any asset.

i. All purchases shall be made on purchase orders.  Similarly, all services should be acquired through work orders or LPOs
ii. Purchase orders and Work orders shall be serially numbered and a copy retained for audit purposes
iii. The Convenor shall ensure that a register is kept of all the complimentary articles received by the wing.  This shall show the date received, description, donor's name,  received by and details of the disposal. Major items of permanent value retained for the wing's use shall be included in the Asset Register.

ASSET REGISTER: An Asset Register will be maintained by the. Treasurer.  This Register will list all the assets of the wing,  their date of purchase, their depreciated value and general remarks giving any disposals,  major repairs etc.

BUDGET VIS A VIS THE EXPENDITURE: The Treasurer of the wing shall prepare for the  information of the Management Committee a statement of Income and Expenditure as well as a comparison of the same with the budget every three months.


If the Wing has violated either part or all of the provisions mentioned in the directives of the Indian Social Club has the right to dissolve the Wing.

The ISC can dissolve the wing if it is in the interest of the general public.

The Wing can also be dissolved under the following circumstances :
a. If the wing violates the laws for organizing the clubs and associations mentioned in the decree of the Sultanate of  1972 for organizing social clubs of alien communities.
b. If  the number of membership decreases below 50.
c. Alternatively the wing can be dissolved by the decision of the extra ordinary general body meeting wherein more than half the members of the club are in attendance and by a majority decision.  Accordingly the ISC Management Committee will also be informed.
All wings will automatically be dissolved if the ISC is dissolved.

In case the Wing is dissolved, the ISC shall appoint representatives for a determined period and the members of the Committee shall hand over to the representatives all documents and registers pertaining to the wing and will also inform the liquidator as to where the money of the wing is deposited.  They shall also notify the representatives of all the liabilities and receivables of the wing or any of the wing affairs in a written order.  The representatives will enforce his power of authority to collect all outstanding and settle all liabilities.  The nett money remaining after all liabilities have been paid will be returned to the ISC so as to be spent as per the discretion of ISC Management Committee. In case of liabilaties the outgoing Committee of the wing will raise the required sum to clear the same.

1. One member from the ISC committee will be appointed to look after the affairs of each linguistic wing.  The said member will be invited to all meetings conducted by the wing with sufficient notice.  Thesemember may nominate a proxy in case he/she are not able to attend.
2. All circulars and correspondance should be routed through the observers of the respective wings.  The same can be hand delivered/ emailed / faxed to ISC office email.  Sufficient time should be given to observer to revert back to you.
3. Convenors / Co-convenors will be responsible to deliver/ emai / fax the minutes of their monthly meetings to the ISC within 7 days of the meeting. (See Code of Conduct)
4. No press releases or any other publicity would be made without a formal approval from the ISC observer..
5. A maximum of two external programmes,all programmes to be conducted in the capital area only, where in permissions from ROP and other Ministries are required, will be permitted per wing per year.
6. All cultural programmes held by the linguistic wings would be open to all ordinary / life  members of the ISC to attend.  However sub group’s picnics or dinners will be open to ISC members only on specific invitation.
7. The ISC halls will be made available twice a year only to have cultural programmes related to a particular wing.  The hall could be made available if required on more than two occasions subject to the availability of the hall. A subsidized hall rental charge of RO.   25/- for in-house hall, RO.  40/- for the multi-purpose hall will be charged and R.O.15/- for the 1st floor hall.
Cancellation Charges of halls
  Hall                                 2 weeks prior notice         2 weeks            1 week
  Main Hall                         NIL                                 20/-                     40/-
  In House Hall                   NIL                                 12/-                     25/-
  1st Floor Hall                    NIL                                  7/-                     15/-
Other details are as below :
i. A maximum of two booking per month will be permitted to each wing on first come first serve basis.
ii. The multipurpose halls will be made available to the Linguistic wings only on Thursdays after 6.30 p.m. and Fridays after 3.00 p.m.  Priority for the use of the hall will first be given to the Indian Social Club programmes (Main Body).
iii. The Club hall will be made available to the Linguistic wings on Thursdays and Fridays (full day) and any one of the week day if need so arises.  Priority for the use of the hall will first be given for Indian School Club programmes (main body).
iv. The conference room on the first floor is available daily after 8.30 p.m. except when the ISC hall is booked.
v.  All the above will be subject to availability.
vi. All requests for booking the ISC halls should be made in writing (by fax) or by  email  signed by the Convenor / Co-convenor of the Linguistic Wing and a written confirmation must be obtained through the observer.
8. ISC will entertain correspondence only if it is signed by the Convenor or Co-convenor. The wing will ensure that no other members of their committee write directly to ISC.
9. The following minimum time is required by the ISC to ensure all necessary permission     / approval are obtained from the concerned authorities.
a. Programmes in Club Hall – 2 weeks
b. Programmes in ISC multipurpose hall – 1 month
c.  Programme in the Hotels – 45 days
d.  Programme in other venues – 2 months
10. The proposal for any combined celebrations wherein various linguistic groups are involved has to be put forth to the ISC main committee, which will then take the lead in coordinating with other sub-committies. This is to avoid lack of coordination and unawareness.
11. The Managing Committee of the ISC has the right to alter all or some of the articles at its own discretion.
12. The enclosed code of conduct for the Linguistic wings shall become a part of the bye laws.
We have had instances, where few of the linguistic wings were not fully aware of the activities, which are permitted within the Articles of Association for the functioning of linguistic wings.

This note is issued with the idea that main objectives of the linguistic wings are made clearer.
The Indian Social Club is governed by the Royal Decree No.14/2000 promulgating the Law of National Associations and further from Minister of Social Development.
i. The motto and aim of linguistic wings – The objectives of the wings shall be to meet     the social, cultural and sporting needs of the limited ordinary members of their respective  wings residing in the Sultanate of Oman.
ii. The Linguistic wings are not allowed / permitted to engage in politics, form parties or interfere with religious matters.  If the main body finds that any wing is engaged directly or indirectly in the activities as mentioned above, it will immediately take appropriate action including, but not limited to cancelling their registration.  All linguistic wings have to further ensure that they carry out their activities as under.
(a) Carry on any activity, which is actually specified in its Constitution.
(b) Will not be associated / affiliated with, participate in or join any other association, body or club or any other political parties based inside or outside the country.
(c)  Organize public ceremonies, festivals or public  lectures with written permission from the ministry.  (This permission should be obtained through the main body).
(d) Send delegations outside the country or host delegations from outside the country, only after necessary permission is obtained from the Ministry (This permission should be obtained through main body).
(e) No gambling directly or indirectly and the use of liquor, alcoholic beverages at its premises.
(f) Will not publish any news items or interviews or advertisements without prior written permission from the Observer of ISC.
(g) The linguistic wings will use only the specified and approved letterhead, as provided by the main body.
(h) The main body reserves its right to seek any clarification / details or any other     documents of the linguistic wing as and when it deems fit.
(i) In the event of dissolution, the funds will be transferred to the main body account.  The linguistic wing will not be permitted to divert these funds to any organization or an individual.
(j) No linguistic wing is permitted to have their branches.
(k) All linguistic wings should maintain the following records :
i) Register containing the names of the members and specifying membership fee paid by them.
ii) Minutes of the Meetings.
iii) Records of accounts of revenue, expenditures and donations (No donation is permitted without the prior written approval of the main body) with documentary evidence, any other records or registers, which is necessary.
(l) The linguistic wings have to take prior written permission for any other fund collecting activities like public functions, charity bazaars, etc.
Violating the rules and regulations as stipulated above, the organizers of the linguistic wings are liable to the punishment under the Laws of Sultanate of Oman.

1. Financial health is paramount.
2. If Linguistic Wing is heading for a deficit account, the committee will be held responsible to make up the loss by closure.
3. Linguistic Wing Website of their own will ensure that:
a. All inputs are vetted by the Convenor of the wing and will be within the parameters prescribed by  Articles of Association.
b. An admistrator will be appointed from amoungst the membership of the  wings who would counduct the affairs of the website
c. Any violation to all rules in their web display will hold the Administrator &  Convenor totally responsible and he will face the consequences arising from the same
d. The admistrator will report directly to the convenor and they will jointly be responsible for all the inputs to the web site
e. The admistrator will collect all requested inputs to the website and incorporate only those that subscribe to the parameteres laid down by the ISC
f. All programmes, internal or external , held at ISC or elsewhere should have the required permission as stated by the ISC charter
4.    Audited accounts to be submitted before 28th February every year for the previous financial year accounts.

We unconditionally accept and confirm that we now clearly understand the rules and regulations and shall ensure to abide by it.

On behalf of __________________ linguistic wing.

CONVENOR                                                         CO-CONVENOR
Name : ______________________                            Name : _____________________
DATE : ___________________________                   DATE:   ______________________

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