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Written by Griselda Araujo   
Friday, 06 December 2013
Today, we are overwhelmed to announce that Goan Community of Oman has successfully achieved its sincere desires, scheduled plans, dreams that came into reality, and various events that they were looking forward to put up across to GCO members in Year 2013. With thanks to Almighty God, GCO has received the end result of their team work, true dedication, sharing of ideas, concern for their fellow brethren and above all the leadership of core committee members that has always been encouraged by our true leader Mr. Anthony Goes.
Many of you might have been present for the nine days novenas as preparations for the feast that were recited by Rev. Fr. Boniface Furtado, Diocesan Judge, Archdiocese of Goa, who was flown in especially from Goa to concelebrate the  Eucharistic mass with all of us. Main topic taken by Father was “FAITH THROUGH FAMILY LIFE”. Those present were true witnesses of his message that was well received followed by numerous blessings. Our Youth were applauded for taking up the challenge and reading the Word of God during the Novenas.
As the feast day was approaching, this year GCO was blessed with the visit of His Lordship Bishop Alwyn, who accepted our invitation to concelebrate the feast of our Patron Saint Francis Xavier on the 6th of December in Ruwi and Ghala parish. Goans in large numbers were filled with joy and happiness hearing the news about His Lordship’s arrival.

Feast of St. Francis Xavier was celebrated in all its magnificence with the Eucharistic Service, led by His Lordship Bishop Alwyn Baretto. Bishop’s Homily touched the hearts of all the faithful present at the mass.

Blessed Sanctuary was decorated with flowers and supported by Lectors, altar servers, choir members, usher ministers, Eucharistic ministers as always playing their part to perfection.

Well, there was surprise for all after the feast mass at the church premises. All goans witnessed a joyous mood, with everyone wishing each other “Bon Festa” in a cheerful mood and to our surprise there was “A Feri” put up by our main leaders. We knew that it was something new that was not done in the previous years. But when we actually saw the Feri it was amazing guess what it was filled with kadio bodios, jelebi’s, ladoos, choris pav, chonne and so on. We actually experienced the ambience of Goan fest, where in our childhood days, we would spend time in the Feri and spend all our pocket money buying choris pav, grams, ringing the bottle and so on. Many were curious to know as how the kadio bodios were available in the Feri, until we were informed that Mr. Sebastian Almeida, offered his support to carry this parcel all the way from Goa to Muscat inspite of his personal luggage. We are grateful to our fellow goans who are always there to help us in need and hence this “Feri was a complete success”. I could elaborate on this for the sake of those who were not present.  I am sure those present were an eye witness of what is mentioned above.

As we all know that every year, GCO annually winds up every year with the annual feast celebration of our Beloved Patron Saint Francis Xavier with full enthusiasm and passion. Every Goan patronizes this day with love and devotion. This year’s celebration began as always with a live band show put up by our Goan brethren “Go Africa” who has always been a support pillar for our events even with short notice. Mr. Sebastian Almeida was very kind to make this personal visit to bring the live show into a reality. As normal, Goans swing to the tunes of the live band that keeps their feet dancing and listening to the Goan traditional songs and music. Pravin, our youth added to the dancing with his one man show that rocked the young crowd on the floor.

An appetizing buffet from Tawoos Catering was served topped with our Goan delicacy “Sorpatel” cooked by our well known cook “Mrs. Rosy”. We are proud of our own Goans who are talented.     

Distributions of the Academic Awards for the Year 2012-13 were distributed to our Children who brought pride to our homeland by their sincere hard work and dedication in their academic success for Year 2.

We are grateful to all the Goans who came in huge numbers to make this event a great success. Friends, as always this success is a combined show of united hands and above all God’s continued abundant blessings that keep showering on all our events.
We are incomplete with your input, your support and your contribution. Let there be always love and unity among us that will not only help to grow but build a strong community.
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